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What's NEW!

  • See our reviews in The Perfect Vision and The Absolute Sound.
  • All subs now feature our new custom proprietary woofers for bass that is cleaner, lower, louder.
  • Crossovers have been redesigned on System Three Omni. You can now achieve twice the listening levels, while actually lowering the distortion!

(Previous buyers call or email for upgrades.)

Call (641) 472-0229 for details.

Employing the most accurate exotic drivers available

"After many years of listening to the finest loudspeakers in the world, in the best systems, I find the Huff System Ones an outstanding value. They are better than any other loudspeaker I've heard at any price, both in tonal accuracy and dynamic range."

-Gordon Shackleford
Director of Sales
Faroudja Labs

Huff Loudspeaker Co. (641) 472-0229
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