The Huff System Three

These are the finest imaging speakers available. The omnidirectional design provides many advantages. There is no limited area for optimum listening at all - the entire room is the sweet spot. This may be hard to believe until you have heard these speakers first hand. They can make even an acoustically challenged room disappear! The precise imaging, and the width, depth, and height of the sound stage cannot be matched by any other design, whether it's a box, planar, or other. Listeners are amazed at the absolute transparency, the immediacy of the listening experience.

The Huff System One

This is the best choice for listeners who prefer the best possible traditional box speaker. They are the most neutral, tonally accurate speakers you will find anywhere. The D'Appolito configuration provides a wide coherent sound stage, and the ceramic drivers and fast ribbon tweeter are more accurate than any other conventional drivers.

The Huff System Five

This is a great choice for those who need a smaller speaker, or those who want the sound quality only available from exotic driver technology, but are on a more modest budget. Like any of the H.L. C. line, they also make excellent rear or center channel speakers for surround sound.

The Huff Eights and Six Minis

These are more closely related to other brands of high end speakers than the rest of our product line. The drivers are not true exotics, but are the best of the conventional driver technologies. The Eights do provide better bass extension, due to the long throw 8" woofer.

The Huff electronic sub crossovers

Our crossovers are extremely high quality 24 dB per octave slope Linkwitz - Reiley designs. We have a solid state version, and a tube model for those who want the very finest.

In response to customer demand, we have added a passive crossover so customers can power the Sub Ones with The System Three Omnis traditionally, from one power amplifier if they choose, instead of biamplification.

Huff System Three

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Huff System Three

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