System Three

"In its ability to resolve sonic detail, it is uncanny and unexcelled and will provide as full an accounting of a recording as one is likely to experience."

"Conventional speakers tend to suggest a location for a given sound, the Huffs assign one. The system plants and distributes sounds around the listening space with unnerving precision." - Nov.-Dec. '99 issue, The Perfect Vision Magazine, pages 93-96.

A True Breakthrough
In Speaker Design

Revolutionary new speakers to please the ears and eyes of the most discriminating listeners

Breathtaking realism,
openness, detail, clarity

  • Incomparable holographic imaging.

  • True 360 degree dispersion produces identical frequency response everywhere in the room - no location limited sweet spot whatsoever.

    Tasteful, elegant,
    unobtrusive, yet powerful

  • Aesthetically pleasing shape enhances performance.

  • Less placement critical, more room independent - regardless of room size, shape, or acoustics.

  • Ideal for both serious listening and home theater.

  • The ultimate answer to the monopole/dipole/bipole question.

  • The satellite uses the German Physiks DDD bending wave converter, together with our proprietary HLC filter networks.

  • Huff System Three
    It doesn't look like a box,
    it doesn't sound like a box

    Technical Specs:

    • Satellites can be mounted on stands, or subs.
    • Each sub has a pair of compound loaded 12" long throw (15 mm) proprietary drivers for clean, tight bass with extended low frequency response (in-room to 14 hz), even at high listening levels necessary for home theater.
    • Choice of two crossovers:
      Traditional passive network
      Matching custom audiophile 24 dB Linkwitz-Riley line level (electronic) sub crossover, for audiophiles who want the very best (biamplification required for subwoofers.)
    • Supplied with removable grilles (not shown)
    • Recommended power: 50 - 200 watts, depending on listening levels
    • Available in a variety of finishes and veneers, and (removable) grille colors.


    • Satellites:
      • 12.5" w x 19" h.
    • 2 Sub models:
      • Tall subs 16" w x 36" h.
      • Med. subs 18" w x 27" h.
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