"The subs are especially striking. Over the years, I have reviewed many commercial subwoofers, most of which, I'm sorry to say, have proven to be crude, resonant, and offensive effects-generators. The Huffs are among the very few that enhance rather than degrade the reproduction of music."
- Nov.-Dec. '99 issue, The Perfect Vision Magazine, pages 93-96.

The Subwoofers

The Huff Subwoofer line is designed to be used with any of the Huff System satellites, or with any other brand of satellite speaker. All our woofer cabinets are cylindrical. Cylinders have many times greater wall stiffness than boxes, which dramatically reduces unwanted resonances.

Sub One

The Sub One is a no compromise design. It uses twin extremely long throw 12" woofers in a push - pull configuration for quick, tight, accurate bass.

The push - pull configuration allows for very deep bass (and a low Q response curve) in a relatively modest enclosure size. A manufacturer would have to build a cabinet twice as large to go as low without compound loading.


18" Sub One shown in Quilted Maple

(Click on photo for a larger view.)

A note on compound loading: the two drivers are mounted face to face, doubling the motor power. The inner woofer drives the enclosure, providing a neutral atmospheric pressure area between the drivers, so the outside driver can move instantly and effortlessly against little resistance. Most importantly, it provides quicker acceleration and braking for the outer driver. This allows it to start and stop instantly when the signal starts and stops, so there is no overshoot to muddy the sound. You will feel the difference.

The woofer cabinet is a sealed design, so there is no "box echo", or resonant cavity effect coloring the music. The flatter low frequency response curve rolloff of the sealed design (12 dB slope per octave vs 24 dB rolloff for a ported design) closely matches the typical "room gain" at the rolloff frequency, therefore producing flat bass to below 20 Hz. in most rooms, without the inevitable coloration induced by ported or even servo designs. This design produces the most natural sounding bass possible. Non-downfiring.

The Sub One comes in two sizes: 16" diameter x 36" tall, and 18" diameter x 26" tall. Both have the same internal volume, and the same response characteristics. You may choose the one that best fits your room decor and the sub location. We recommend using them in matched pairs.

Sub Ones are available in beautiful wood veneers to match the satellites, or in solid colors.


The Small Sub

The Small Sub is a 24" tall cylinder with one 12" driver. It is only available in white. It is not furniture grade, and is designed to be hidden or placed in an unobtrusive location if possible. It can be placed upright or on it's side. Drivers are downfiring if the cylinder is placed upright.

The SP Sub

The SP (self-powered) sub is our affordable new offering for listeners who want simplicity, yet demand high quality reproduction. They are equally at home in a 2 channel music only system, or in a home theater setup. They can be used in pairs, or singly.

The built-in power amplifier is higher quality than you would expect from a sub at this price point, with a built-in variable frequency crossover, speaker and line level inputs, and many other features.

The 10” woofer shares all it’s heritage with it’s bigger brothers in our more expensive offerings, such as a copper Faraday shorting ring to lower distortion, and extremely long linear excursion (14 mm). This means that it isn’t just a boomy effects box. It really sounds like music, and will complement all but the absolute best audio systems. (For those of you in this category, see the Sub One.)

Available in any of our top class real wood veneers. For a small yet robust high end system, try mating one (or two) with a pair of Huff Fives. Beautiful, refined, elegant, yet small.

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